"Good data is an essential component of effective policy-making on energy efficient."
International Energy Agency
Energy Demand Analysis: Unlocking Value

Today’s regional energy systems have become increasingly dispersed, on-demand and intermittent. For this reason, it is essential to locate, analyse, and understand the complex patterns and distribution of energy demand.


REDAP is built by multidisciplinary partners from Austria, Ireland, and Sweden. The standardised a digital monitoring, reporting and analysis methodology can be used across distinct regions and aligned with existing decision-making processes.


REDAP provides insights - an extra layer of decision-making certainty - to decision-makers. This will enable them to tailor and adjust relevant policies and planning strategies and to invest in the most efficient energy solutions for the building and mobility sectors.

Building Stock Analysis Case Study

Project partner, Codema, Dublin's Energy Agency works with the four local government authorities (a region with a population of 1.5 million people). Since 2015, Codema has performed energy demand analysis to inform policy, planning and investment.

“The overlap of other geographic datasets allows insights into the energy sector that are not available anywhere else, and enables an understanding of the socio-economic patterns of the local energy landscape.”
Codema, Dublin’s Energy Agency
The REDAP system
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REDAP system provide actionable insights, clarity, and direction to decision-makers. In order to develop this energy demand analysis system, the partners will utilise authoritative data, advanced computing infrastructure, data management best-practice, and interoperable standards-compliant software. This will ensure that REDAP becomes a secure, scalable, and regionally replicable system. It will also ensure that the regional decision-making process is served by digital systems which are efficient, resilient, robust, and flexible.

The Research Process

Our consortium follows a carefully designed process for integrating data, procedures and know-how, and for building a high-quality monitoring and reporting system.

1. Collate a range of actionable datasets.

2. Integrate with decision-making processes.

3. Develop front & back-end frameworks.

4. Test & Maintain the data-driven system.

5. Deliver relevant, focused insights.

Working with Need-Owners

In developing REDAP we work with front-line energy planning experts from distinct European regions so that the solution is relevant and can be integrated into existing decision-making processes. The ‘Need-Owners’ - from Dublin, Ireland; Gothenburg; Sweden; and Waidhofen an der Thaya, Austria - guide the development of a system which is relevant to their requirements.


This project has received funding in the framework of the joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems’ focus initiative Integrated, Regional Energy Systems, with support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 775970.

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