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Regional Energy Demand Analysis Portal


Greening supply begins with understanding demand.

Regional Energy Demand Analysis Portal (REDAP) provides regions with clarity on the characteristics, distribution and patterns of energy demand in the building and transport sectors. This includes data insights on the average fuel type and expenditure, building efficiency ratings, and areas with potential for district heating and mobility electrification. The insights help decision-makers identify opportunities for synergies, efficiencies and cost-savings.

The standardised digital monitoring, reporting and analysis methodology can be used across distinct regions and aligned with existing decision-making processes. The process involves:

Identify, collate and integrate the most relevant and actionable building and transport datasets.

Develop a robust and secure digital system to inform building and transport planning, policy & investment.


Delivering accurate, consistent, and comparable insights which are tailored to the regional context.

Why Understand Energy Demand?

Demand analysis makes sense on governance, socio-economic, environmental levels.

Energy Demand Analysis Case Study

Codema, Dublin's Energy Agency works with the four local government authorities in the greater Dublin area, a region with a population of 1.5 million people. Over recent years, Codema has performed energy demand analysis to inform policy, planning and investment decisions.

The overlap of other geographic datasets allows insights into the energy sector that are not available anywhere else, and enables an understanding of the socio-economic patterns of the local energy landscape.
Codema, Dublin’s Energy Agency



Project Timeframe: Nov 2019 - Nov 2021

We work with regional stakeholders to replicate REDAP across regions. To learn more:

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This project has received funding in the framework of the joint programming initiative ERANet Smart Energy Systems’ focus initiative Integrated, Regional Energy Systems, with support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 775970.“

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